Living with Vision Loss

There are many different eye diseases that can create a mild moderate or substantial loss of vision. Vision loss can happen at any age. Some people are born with low vision or blindness while others acquire vision loss through disease or accident in their adolescent, adult or senior years.

At any age the diagnosis of vision loss can have a major effect on a person’s life, changing his- or herself identity and self-esteem. You or your family member may feel fear, anger, depression, a feeling of failure, or a lack of control, all these feelings are normal reactions. Some people have a delayed reaction; numbness, shock or denial can follow the diagnosis of vision loss, a change in vision or the realization of the severity of the vision loss.

It is not hopeless! You may not be able to change your vision loss, but you can change your attitudes and feelings about being a person with vision loss. Your life is your journey to create. You can create a life journey full of success, happiness, joy and your vision loss.

How to Create Your Journey as a Person with Vision Loss

This journey is not a straight and direct path. There may be many detours along the way. Exercise patience, forgiveness and a sense of humor and you will get to your destination.

If you or a friend or family member is having difficulty living with vision loss I would love to help. Counselling can make a big difference in dealing with hard life situations. Please call 416 821-7315 to make an appointment.