A Roadmap through Grief

The journey through grief is a very personal one. Each person’s journey may be different. Some people take a lot of time. Others take less. But, it is never easy.

It starts with listening to your own feelings and thoughts. Notice them and their effects on you; It’s not about what others feel is important.

Even though the journey through grief for one person may be very different from another, there are still many common emotions.

These emotions are all normal reactions. Allow yourself the space to feel what you’re feeling. Express those feelings and the things you experience on your journey. Seek support from a family member or a counseling professional. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed about asking for help. It is not a weakness to do so. It shows your strength.

As well as knowing that you are not alone in experiencing your emotions, it is equally important to recognize some of the physical effects grief can have on you. Here are just a few examples:

To help you manage Your Roadmap Through Grief consider these strategies:

Rather than trying to make sense out of the death of your loved one reflect on the meaning of the life they lived. And, most of all, remember that going on with your life is not forgetting your loved one. It is absolutely okay to laugh and be happy.

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